Remade 2014

Last weekend Remade 2014 was held at QVMAG. The well-supported community sustainable wearable art show is now in its 4th year. It aims to challenge designers, artists and community groups to use recycled materials to create high fashion garments.  Imaginations and closets were raided with the focus on sustainability, creativity, community and, as you can see, having heaps of fun!

I was approached to donate an item from my wardrobe by Lilydale fashionista Dee Alford. Here’s where we started:


I gave Dee a wool designer coat from my London magazine days – beautifully tailored, hardly worn in Karoola, and sadly ruined by Nuns’ House closet silverfish.  It had been hanging in there for some years before at last finding a fun and worthy home: in Dee’s hands, at Remade. I also rummaged in my draws to find a selection of doilies and some vintage buttons.

Here’s what she came up with, beautifully posed and modelled by my graceful niece, Grace (thank you X):




Dee Alford’s Thylacine coat – colonial meets Tasmania. The stripes reference the extinct Tasmanian tiger, and are felted from alpaca wool

And here are some Front Row happy snaps of the rest:

Show opener: Hiromi Tango’s Art Magic










Obviously, darling, they absolutely loved it!



Onion bags and biker jacket donated by Alderman Andrea Dawkins for this, my favourite Remade design by Amelia Rowe
Thanks to my two new front row girlfriends for their fun and natural glamour


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