Remember the weekend

Last weekend the Saturday Mercury magazine took on a brand new look, extra pages, and a good news take on modern Tasmania under the wings of tasweekend editor Amanda Ducker.

“Tasmania is not the centre of the universe,” she wrote in her re-launch editor’s letter, “but it’s at the centre of our lives”. It’s a perspective to watch and enjoy.  For this blog’s Tassie followers, I’m happy to add that I’m tasweekend‘s new upfront columnist. I’d love your feedback – and input too. I love a good weekend supplement and it’s exciting to have one made here to reflect how unique an island we are. Love to know what you think when you pick up Saturday’s Mercury.




2 thoughts on “Remember the weekend”

  1. Hi Hilary. Great article, The Colour Of Envy, this week in tasweekend. I enjoyed reading it, and the rest of the supplement, in the quiet moments at my Salamanca Market Stall. I love lipstick so much so I started making them myself right here in Tasmania. So next time you need a new lippy you might like to come and see me either at Salamanca (site 24) or visit on-line at You will save around 50% of your $50 … or you could have two!! All the best! Cherry

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